Association of German Cities

The Association of German Cities is the voice of cities and the national local-authority association of cities which are not belonging to a county as well as of most cities and towns within counties. As a community of solidarity of cities it represents the idea of local self-government to Federal Government, Federal States (Bundesländer), European Union, governmental and non-governmental organisations. The work and services of the Association of German Cities are primarily geared to the needs and interests of the direct member cities and their citizens.

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Flyer: Association of German Cities  
(PDF-Document, state january 2020) Download (165 kB)

Professional publications in English

The Association of German Cities provides a small selection of its professional publications in English. For informations on other issues please check the Fachinformationen (in German).

Expectations of the german council presidency 
Germany is taking over the Council Presidency at a time when the European Union is facing enormous challenges. Seldom before have cohesion and solidarity in Europe been as important as today. The coronavirus pandemic clearly shows the fragility of the European entity. The German cities express their solidarity with the municipalities of other Member States. The crisis shows that global challenges cannot be resolved within the borders of one State. We uphold our common European values and our common cultural heritage. We are resolutely against nationalism and right-wing populism. Europe will enjoy lasting success if we manage to strengthen cohesion in society and in the European Union. Europe must offer people prospects (once again). The German cities represent the motto of the German Council Presidency: Together for Europe’s recovery. (PDF-file, July 2020) Download (197 kB)

Bike Sharing in a State of Transition 
Action recommendations for German cities and municipalities in dealing with dockless systems. (PDF-file, translated version February 2020, originally published in June 2018) Download (5 MB)

Policy Recommendations for Local Government Shared – Shared E-Scooters: Paving the Road Ahead 
With the passage of the Small Electric Vehicles Act (eKFV), e-scooters were declared street-legal in Germany as of 15 June 2019. E-scooter companies, already active around the world, moved quickly to enter the German market. By late August, shared scooters were on the streets of over 20 cities across the country. Particularly in light of the sometimes rocky rollout of dockless shared bicycles in the past, this rapid expansion has prompted a number of questions on the part of cities and towns. To aid in answering these questions, this report provides a synthesis of the first, primarily international, experiences with shared e-scooters, describes the opportunities and challenges they bring with them, and offers recommendations for e-scooter planning and regulation in cities and towns both in Germany and beyond. (PDF-file, September 2019) Download (3 MB)

Memorandum of Understanding "Strengthening the short-distance-mobility together" 
Memorandum of Understanding between Deutscher Städtetag, Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund and providers of electric kick scooter rental systems. (PDF-file, August 2019) Download (113 kB)

Position Paper Sustainable Urban Mobility for All 
In February 2018 the Executive Committee of the Association of German Cities carried out an indepth examination of the many individual aspects in a discussion paper. Its proposals and areas of focus have been incorporated into the Background, Theses and Information (Part B), which have been extrapolated as the central positions of the Association of German Cities (Part A). The positions, theses and basic principles are intended to help municipalities, political bodies and experts, but also a targeted audience in the Federal Government and the Länder (federal states), to engage at a substantive level with the positions of the Association of German Cities regarding the issue of sustainable mobility. This position paper is meant to encourage further discussion. (PDF-file, June 2018) Download (700 kB)

Current challenges for Sparkassen. Position paper by the Association of German Cities.  
With this position paper the Association of German Cities wants to emphasise the special status of the Sparkassen in the interaction with their trustees, the municipalities. Furthermore, it wants to illustrate the special features of the “Sparkassen model” to political actors on the national and international level. Finally, we want to advocate for securing and strengthening this model. (PDF-file, May 2016) Download (404 kB)

New Planning Culture in German Cities – Topics, Priorities and Processes – 55 projects
The publication is based on 55 examples of best practice, where in individual cases cities are not only responsibly adopting new directions in the planning process, but also in many places have set qualitative standards for their basic planning goals, their priorities for plans and projects, and with regard to the regulations of their own planning procedures. (PDF-file, April 2016)

English version: New Planning Culture in German Cities  Download (2 MB)

Spanish version: New Planning Culture in German Cities  Download (2 MB)

Chinese version: New Planning Culture in German Cities  Download (3 MB)

Ukrainian version: New Planning Culture in German Cities  Download (10 MB)

An urban agenda for the European Union – Views and Perspectives of the Association of German Cities 
The European Urban Agenda is a joint effort of European Commission, Member States and European Cities Networks to strengthen the recognition of the urban dimension by European and national policy actors. The Association of German Cities welcomes this project as an important step towards a real partnership with the local authorities and wants to contribute to the project with the hereby presented urban agenda for the EU. (PDF-file, April 2016) Download (716 kB)

2030 Agenda: Building Sustainability at the Local Level  
The German Association of cities initiated for its members the resolution: "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Building Sustainability at the Local Level". Members Cities are invited to sign up a commitment for a sustainable agenda and initiate activities and measures for sustainability. This could be measures like awareness raising, new strategies in politics and administration, reductions of CO2 emissions or strengthening global partnerships. (PDF-file, Sep 2015) Download (109 kB)

Culture of participation in integrated urban development (working paper) 
This position paper focuses largely on the framework of conditions and opportunities or further development of a comprehensive culture of participation at local authority Level. (PDF-file, Oct 2013) Download (198 kB)

Integrated Urban Development Planning and Urban Development Management – Strategies and instruments for sustainable urban development (position paper) 
The paper is seeking to make a fresh contribution to identifying the future challenges facing urban development policy and pursuing a targeted and methodical approach to tackling them under more difficult conditions. (PDF-file, October 2013) Download (349 kB)

Questions concerning immigration from Romania and Bulgaria (position paper) 
Migration of people from Romania and Bulgaria poses a problem that cannot be solved unless Federal Government, Federal States, European institutions and other relevant bodies cooperate. This is the aim of the present position paper. We are not talking about sealing off Germany from immigration, it is about finding conditions that further integration. (PDF-file, February 2013) Download (156 kB)

Adaptation to climate change – recommended measures to be taken by and for cities (position paper) 
The list of measures for adaptation to climate change in the fields of planning, construction, green spaces, mobility/traffic and transport, water, soil and species protection, and health, identifies key areas of activity for the future orientation of the adaptation process in the cities. It also includes further recommendations for climate change mitigation measures. (PDF-file, June 2012) Download (97 kB)

Municipal development cooperation in Germany (compendium) 
This compendium presents 15 examples of cooperation between members of the Association of German Cities, and their partners in 18 countries. (PDF-file, December 2011) Download (684 kB)


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